882 (5.0mm)-Series

Check out our  Heavy-Duty Plug-In Terminal Blocks – your new best friend for rock-solid connections. These bad boys come with screw connections, so you know your wiring is secure.

What’s nifty is the plug-on vertical headers – they make your life easier when setting things up. And guess what? Our solid terminals are like Swiss Army knives of connectivity. They can do both plug-in and screw connections, giving you options.

We’ve even silver-plated the contact lips for top-notch conductivity. Need to mate them with 1.3mm diameter pins? No problem, they’ve got you covered. And don’t worry about your cables – our wire protector ensures they stay safe and snug.

Whether it’s 2, 4, or 6 ways, we’ve got the Heavy-Duty Plug-In Terminal Blocks you need for your connections.



Plug in Terminal Blocks with screw connections

5.0 mm. pitch

No. of way

Ordering Code

2 way
4 way
6 way
882 1( )02
882 1( )04
882 1( )06
( ) Colour : A – Black, B – Blue, G – Grey

Technical Data

Contact resistance
Insulation resistance
Dielectric strength
Wire gauge
Tightening torque
300 V (for 5.00 mm. pitch)
15 A
15 milliohms max.
1000 Mohms min.at 500V DC
1500VAC for one min.
0.5 Nm


Contact clip
Terminal screw
Wire protector
Flame retardant thermoplastic (UL94V-O)
Copper alloy nickel plated
Copper alloy silver plated
Steel zinc plated and Yellow chromated
Stainless steel
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