Introducing Essen deinki’s PB 7 Series Push Button Switches – these little champs are all about versatility! With a modular design, they’re like the LEGO of switches, letting you mix and match to fit your needs.

What’s cool is that these switches are tough cookies. They can handle shocks and vibrations like a pro, so you don’t have to worry about them flinching under pressure. Plus, they’re small and space-savvy, making them a great fit for tight spots.

Safety-wise, they’ve got you covered with a handy shroud to keep your fingers safe. And the best part? You can pick from a rainbow of colors: White, Black, Green, Red, Yellow, or Blue, so they’ll blend right in or  stand out.

Whether you need normally open, normally closed, or changeover contacts, we’ve got you covered. And guess what? These switches play by the rules, conforming to IEC/EN-60947-5-1 standards. So, you’re getting top-notch quality and compliance in one neat package.


Spring return
(Circular head flush)

Ordering code

PB7 11A ( )
PB7 11B ( )
PB7 11 C ( )

Type of Contact


Push & push to release
(Circular head flush)

Ordering code

PB7 21A ( )
PB7 21B ( )
PB7 21 C ( )

Type of Contact


Technical Data

Ambient temperature
Insulation voltage
Electrical rating
(AC 14-Utilization catagory)
Electrical durability
(As per IEC-947-5-1 AC 15)

Available colour
Wire Size
Degree of protection

Cut-out required

Thermoplastic UL94V-O
-25° C to+ 75° C
Ui = 300V

                                          230V – (VA)
50,000 cycles           50
5,00,000 cycles       20
White, Black, Green, Red, Yellow & Blue
Screw clamp connection
2 x 1.5mm2 (max.)
IP-54 (at front)
IP-20 (at terminal end)
22.5 mm.dia

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