OFPS- Series

Introducing Essen’s OFPS Series: Cost-effective AC-DC switch mode power supplies engineered for streamlined industry automation. With a universal input range (90-270VAC, 50-60Hz), these power supplies are designed without a cover for seamless integration within larger enclosed systems. These compact SMPS units boast ultra-low no-load power consumption (<0.5W, Green Power) while ensuring stringent protections against short circuits, overloads, over-temperature, and overvoltage. Select from industry-standard 5V, 12V, or 24V DC output voltages across all power ratings, providing extensive options for OEM customers seeking optimal solutions.
  • Universal input Voltage Range [ 90-270 VAC/120V-360VDC] in all models
  • Load Regulation – Within 1% of output from 0% to 100 % rated load.


The OFPS series of ACDC Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) from Essenare intended for low cost automation needs of industry. These universal input (90-270VAC, 50-60 Hz) power supplies have no cover and are meant for use inside a bigger enclosed system. These miniature SMPS feature extremely low no-load power consumption (<0.5W, Green power) which is a strict requirement for European, American and other developed markets. The OFPS series has complete protections such as short circuit, overload, over-temperature and over voltage. Industry standard output voltages 5V or 12V or 24V DC, are available for all power ratings thus offering a large selection range to the OEM customer.

Specifications OFPS-05-xx:

Specifications OFPS-15-xx:

Specifications OFPS-25-xx:

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