Essen Deinki presents to you its ERS15- Series of relay sockets that securely holds and connects a relay within a circuit. It is made of durable materials like flame retardant thermoplastics and features relay socket terminals for easy attachment and standardised labelling for proper wiring connections. They include retention mechanisms to prevent disconnection, are rated for voltage and current levels, and often offer protection features. These sockets find widespread use in industries like automation, control systems, and automotive electronics, ensuring reliable relay operation and facilitating maintenance and replacement.

Dielectric strength – >2.5KV for 1 minute

Insulation resistance –  1000Mohms min.

Relay Sockets ERS15 Series

Two pole/four pole, relay sockets
(Finger protection)
DIN rail/ surface mounting.

Ordering code

*ERS 15/2M
(2 Pole)

ERS 15/4M
(4 Pole)

*Same as ERS15/4M sockets but without terminals in cavity 2,3,6,7,10 & 11
All dimensions are in mm. Due to continuous improvement in products, we reserve the right to alter specifications without prior notice
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