Lsm Series

Essen deinki’s LSM-series miniature limit switches are a handy solution for tight spaces. With a contact arrangement of 1 Normally Open (NO) and 1 Normally Closed (NC), they offer snap-action operation and feature a plunger with extended overtravel. These qualities make them perfect for situations where space is at a premium. They shine in tasks like door interlocking and automatic control functions. What’s more, these switches meet the IEC 60947-5-1 standard, ensuring their reliability and compatibility across various industrial applications. In short, Essen deinki’s LSM-series limit switches are your compact, dependable choice for precise control systems in cramped quarters.





  • Roted operational current (le) : AC15 6A, AT 24V – 400V, 50Hz DC13 IOA, at 24V DC 5A, at 48V DC 1.5A, at 110 DC 0.6A, at 230V DC
  • Thermal current : 16A
  • Dielectric strength : 2.0 KV AC
  • Mechanical life : l x l 06 Operations
  • Electrical life : l x l 06 Operations
  • Ambient temperature : -20°C to + 85°
  • Degree of protection : -IP40 (enclosure)
  • Mounting : Screw mounting
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