P-Series Micro

Essen deinki’s P Series switches offer versatility with their single-pole changeover design and a free-running ball actuator. These switches make wiring easy with M3 screw terminals placed in 3.96 mm-wide wiring channels, and they come with added safety as the terminals are protected by a removable, insulated cover plate. Their wide range of applications means they can adapt to various electrical needs. What’s unique is the ball actuator, which can be triggered from any direction above the horizontal plane, offering flexibility. Plus, they meet the IEC 1058-1 standard, ensuring they meet strict industry standards for quality and safety, making them a reliable choice for diverse electrical control applications.





  • Actuating force : 567 qms.(max.)
  • Release force : 170 gms.(min.)
  • Pretravel : 1.15 mm. (max.)
  • Overtravel : 3.18 mm.
  • Movement differential : 0.8 mm. (max.)
  • Salient features : Free running stainless steel ball actuator is actuated by a force from any direction above the horizontal

Electrical Ratings


AC (Resistive)
AC (Inductive)
AC (Resistive)
AC (Inductive)


15A at 125V or 15 A at 250V
15A at 125V or 15 A at 250V
0.5A at 125V or 0.25 A at 250V
0.03A at 125V or 0.02 A at 250V

Technical data

Contact resistance
Insulation Resistance
Voltage proof
Electrical life
Mechanical life

10 milliohms (max.)
1000 megaohms (min)
1 KV AC for one minute
M3 Screw with washer
50,000 operations
1 million operations

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