Mv-Series (ø 22.5 Mm.)

Introducing Essen deinki’s MV-Series (ø 22.5 mm.) Micro Control Switches – designed to thrive in challenging environments. These switches are built tough, with bezels and actuators made from sturdy Zinc alloy for durability. They come with explosive protection, making them perfect for hazardous settings like the mining industry. You get a 2-circuit double-break snap-action mechanism with 1 Normally Open (NO) and 1 Normally Closed (NC) contact in a Form Z arrangement. The spring-controlled pivoted mechanism ensures fast, reliable contact changes. These switches are built to last and offer a choice of silver alloy or silver alloy gold-plated contacts. They can handle extreme temperatures, operating from -40°C to +125°C. They’re also sealed for IP67 protection against immersion, ensuring their resilience. You can customise them with push buttons available in Red, Green, and Black colors. Essen deinki’s MV-Series complies with the IEC 1058-1 standard, confirming their commitment to meeting industry-quality and safety standards. These switches are your reliable choice for demanding, potentially explosive environments, offering both dependability and safety.




MV16( )P6

  • Actuating force : 700 gms. (max.)
  • Travel : 2.5 mm. (max.)
  • Contact rating : 10 Amp. resistive at 28V DC / 250V AC
  • Contact resistance : 100 milliohm (max.)
  • Dielectric strength : 1000V AC rms.
  • Insulation resistance : 1000 Mohms (min.)
  • Electrical life : 100,000 operations at rated load
  • Mechanical life : 15,000,000 switching cycles (typical)
  • Contact life : 10,000,000 operations
  • Temperature : -40°C to +125°C
  • Contact material : Silver alloy
  • Terminals: Tin plated copper alloy
  • Body material : Zinc alloy
  • Actuator material : Zinc alloy
  • Cut-out size: Ø22.5 mm.


Panel mounting & construction information:The micro control switches easily mount to panels of 6 mm. thickness. IP67 protection is achieved by using a sealing washer which is fitted to the switch. It is held into panel by zinc locknut, tightened down by a tool to achieve the correct sealing pressure. It is mounted into a standard 22.5 mm. dia. hole and a double “d” flat is provided to prevent rotation.
1. Place ‘S’ for silver plated and ‘G’ for gold plated contacts in bracket ‘()’ against ordering code of micro switch.
2. Add following suffix at * in the ordering code of micro control switch for knob colour.
Red = R
Green = G, Black = B

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